Software License

This software license is a single seat, named developer license, for a 1 year maintenance subscription. You are allowed to install and use this plugin on any number of machines and JetBrains products as long as you are the only developer that is making use of this plugin.

This license entitles you to download and use updated versions of the plugin software for a period of one year from date of purchase. After expiration of the license you may continue to use any of the versions of the software released prior to the expiration of your license. Unless you renew your license subscription you will not be eligible or able to use updated versions of the software released after your license expiration date.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is simple. There are no refunds. I don't want to bother with the hassle of manually handling each case. Please use the 15-day free trial license to make your evaluation and decide if you want the more advanced features or are satisfied with the functionality of the free version.

License Activation

This license requires activation by the plugin, after installation. This activation will require that the plugin can access the license server on this website through an internet connection. There is no off-line activation option.

Each new installation of this plugin will require you to either enter the license and activate it or to download the license and activation through the plugin's registration page in settings. For the latter option you will need to provide the e-mail and developer's name which was used to purchase the license.

The activation sends the license code, host name, plugin version along with the OS, JetBrains product name, version number and JRE version to the server. These help me decide which minimum builds should be supported by the plugin, which are no longer in use and can be safely excluded and which OS/JRE versions need to be more extensively tested for compatibility.

When a plugin is upgraded it will re-activate its license code with this website. This validates that the license can be used with the upgraded plugin and allows me to track activations for possible abuse, which may require me to investigate if I see that a single license is installed on dozens of machines with continued re-activations.

I wish I did not have to bother with this stuff altogether. I would rather focus on developing new functionality and improving the plugin. Unfortunately, we live in the world as it is and not as we wish it to be. Having to deal with all these 'distractions' is 'a necessary evil'.

Changing registered e-mail and managing activations

Through your account profile on this website you can change the password and e-mail associated with your account. This is done to allow you to fix errors and to change the e-mail address in case of loss of access to the e-mail used during licensing. Please reset the password for your account after purchasing the license by following the link in the license e-mail. If you forget your password and loose access to the e-mail address then it is a manual process and you will need to contact me and prove your identity and ownership of the license. Let's avoid these unnecessary hassles by resetting your password and keeping it in a secure place.

The e-mail associated with the license is not changeable after the license is issued. However, you can still get your license by signing-in to your account and copying the license code or entering the e-mail and name to which this license was issued into the plugin's registration page in settings to have the plugin get the license from this website.

The license is not transferable and you should not allow anyone else access to your account.

You can remove any unused activations associated with your license. This is highly recommended if you may need to install the plugin on a temporary machine and forget to clear the registration information before loosing access to it. Removing the activation will remove the license information from that installation the next time the plugin is installed or upgraded.

Compromised license codes

Loosing control of this license by allowing it to become available to others will result in the cancellation of your license and any loss of any rights you may have under the license.

Limitations of liability and warranties

Once activated, the license grants you the right to use this software and receive updates for a period of 1-year from date of purchase. You are not given any copyrights to the software or warranties regarding the functionality or its applicability to your needs.

Whether this plugin meets your needs is strictly your decision. The 15-day free trial license is available for this purpose.

The license is not transferable and has no monetary value. Its sole value is to allow you to receive and use updated versions of this plugin software.

Unless agreed to in writing, software distributed under this License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

If in your jurisdiction you have applicable laws or rights that contravene this license agreement then by entering into this agreement you knowingly and willfully waive those rights. If you are not willing or able to waive those rights then you may not enter into this agreement or use this software.

Quantity Discounts and Multi-Seat licensing

Quantity discount licensing can be made available on a per named developer basis and will require a list of e-mails/names for each licensed developer. Site licenses with a single registration e-mail and a limited number of activations is also an option if desired. The latter option limits the number of active registered plugins and may require removing inactive ones before new ones can be activated in license management in your account profile on this website.

If you are interested in either of these options then please contact me at These are not available through the website. We will make the necessary arrangements and I will generate the required licenses manually and update the system.