Purchase a Markdown Navigator plugin license

An account will be created on this website for the e-mail address you provide for the license. The password will be random. You will be able to reset the password as long as you can receive e-mails at the address you provide. This is done to make sure that someone else does not create an account at a later date with your registered e-mail and then change the account's e-mail taking over management of your license.

If you already have an account on this website then the license will be added to your account's licenses if the e-mail for the license you provide matches your account's e-mail. If you want all license purchases you make to be associated with your account regardless of the e-mail on the license then you should sign-in to your account before making the purchase.

Item Description Regular Price
1 year license $15.99
Please make sure your e-mail is correct. The license code will be sent to this address.
You have to agree to the terms of the software license to continue.

Single Seat, Named Developer License

The license you are purchasing is a Single seat, named developer license, for a 1 year maintenance subscription. You are allowed to install and use this plugin on any number of machines and JetBrains products as long as you are the only developer using the plugin.

Quantity Discounts and Multi-Seat licensing

Quantity discount licensing can be made available on a per named developer basis and will require a list of e-mails/names for each licensed developer. Site licenses with a single registration e-mail and a limited number of activations is also an option if desired. The latter option limits the number of active registered plugins and may require removing inactive ones before new ones can be activated in license management in your account profile on this website.

If you are interested in either of these options then please contact me at vladimir@vladsch.com. These are not available through the website. We will make the necessary arrangements and I will generate the required licenses manually and update the system.